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Due to working with Mickie Driver during the 90ís, Ric began entertaining

in the community. Over recent years, he has entertained extensively

at Clubs, Day Centre, Residential Homes, Hospitals

and similar venues.


Ric will perform a full and varied programme of music and song which will

represent popular music from the last 80 years. This will normally

"singalong" numbers as well as music drawn for the 50's and 60's,

and will also include from the Carpenters, Neil Diamond and others.


Ric can perform Strict Tempo numbers suitable for a Tea Dance or

Sequence event.


All these performances are treated with car and consideration for

the audience.


Ric has worked extensively for Variety Collective and can be booked

through them by clicking on this link.



Ric King - Music for you to enjoy

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